Stack & Match is a puzzle game where you need to collect points to clear a stage or break a high score. 

Clear mode requires the player to obtain a set number of points to beat each stage and progress to the next one. 

Time Attack is a 3 minute time trial to see how many points you can rack up in the allotted time. 

Endless mode is a play to you lose mode that progressively gets harder the more tiles you collect; See how high you can score in this game mode.

How to play: 

You can make points by matching tiles of the same color, vertically or horizontally,  between white tiles. 

You can also make points by performing match combos which can create bonus tiles to make ever more matches.There are three game modes Clear mode, Time Attack, and Endless mode. 

When the turn starts, if the tile placer is blocked by a tile when it spawns. You will game over. 

If tiles to the left or right of the the tile placers starting position, they will simply be deleted when above the board and not cause a game over.

Periodically new tiles will pop up from under the stage. There will be a black wave that will get bigger and bigger, at the base of the stage, until the tiles pop up unto the board. 


You can control the tile placer when it spawns in. You can press the arrows on the screen to control it or use the arrow keys on your keyboard if playing a version that supports keyboard (windows and browser).

The up-arrow will swap the orientation of the tile placer in a clock wise manner.

The left and right arrows will move the tile placer to the left and right respectively. Holding them makes the tile move quickly in the direction it's pressed.

The down-arrow will drop the tile placer faster. 

You can change the layout of the on-screen arrow buttons from the "Change Button Layout" tab; That can be found by pressing the options (gear icon) at the bottom left.

If you need to return to a previous screen or pause the game play you can hit the back button on your device, or backspace button on your keyboard. You can also pause and unpause by pressing the options (gear icon) at the bottom left.


Red, Blue and Green Tiles: 

These tiles can be used to make matches both vertically and horizontally. As long as no other color block amusing these 3 tiles is between them. They will make a match and consume everything between them.

White Tiles: 

White tiles can be used to match between same color blocks. When white tiles are destroyed they are added to your point total.

Bonus Tiles: 

Bonus tiles appear whenever you make a combo happen; They also count as white tiles. These tiles can connect matching tiles and trigger a match. When destroyed at they award a single point each.

Armored Tiles: 

Armored tiles count as white tiles so matches can be made between them. They will not award points when destroyed; and instead become a white tile. 

Bomb Tiles: 

Bomb tiles can be used like white tiles to make matches between same color tiles. When a match is made using a bomb tile, a they are ignited and destroy all tiles in its row and column. White tiles do not give points when destroyed by bombs. Armored Tiles are fully destroyed when bombed and do not become white tiles.


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