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Jumping Jacksons is a side-scrolling platforming game that simulates the feel of many classic games. Explore diverse regions and levels and collect treasures to unlock secrets. Experience new enemies and remember how they function, it may come in handy in ways that you may not expect. 

The objective to Jumping Jacksons is to clear a stage, usually by traveling from the left side of the stage to the right.

There are a variety of enemies that work in different ways. Among those enemies are there are different colored species that will act in a slightly different manner than others of their species. Make mental notes of how each enemy works and how you can use that knowledge to overcome them and progress.

There is a collectible coin in each stage. These coins will be harder to obtain than normal coins and may take some time to find and/or a show of skill to obtain them. Find all the collectible coins may unlock something nice for the player.

Each world has new terrain, enemies, mechanics and challenges.

If you're ready to dive into the world of Jumping Jacksons down load the demo today.

Note: Some of the stages are only part of the sample version of the game and will not appear in the full release.

Final release TBA.

New version coming soon; follow social media to keep up with the updates.

Official Site: http://newbenland.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/New_Benland

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/newbenland/

[This version does not support key remapping]


A - Left

D - Right

Space_bar - Jump

Hold down Shift - Run

L or Enter_Key - Shoot fire (with powerup)

S - Crouch or climb down vines

W - Interact with doors or climb up vines

Escape - pause

Backspace - select 

Tab - view controls

Menus are controlled by W - up, S - down, Enter input choice.

Game-pad Compatible.

left stick (left) - Left

left stick (right) - Right

'A' (xbox) - Jump

Hold down right trigger - Run

'X' (xbox)  - Shoot fire (with powerup)

left stick (down)- Crouch or climb down vines

left stick (up) - Interact with doors or climb up vines

Menus are controlled by left stick (up) - up, left stick (down) - down, Enter input choice.

Start(xbox) - pause

Select(xbox) - select 

Left button(xbox) - view controls

[Game supports other game-pads, use your brand of game-pad's equivalent to xbox's to play with those brands.]


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Jumping Jacksons - game play sample edition - 1.4 8 MB
Jumping Jacksons - game play sample edition - 2 26 MB
Jumping_Jacksons_Halloween.exe 16 MB

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