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The Jumping Jacksons have found themselves an adventure on Halloween night. The Halloween Carnival has come to town and all is not what it seems when the Goblin Troupe puts their mysterious plan into action. 

Can you stop the Goblins and overcome all the puzzles and monsters you'll find in this strange land? I hope so, or else who knows if things will ever go back to normal. 

Who are the Jumping Jacksons?

The Jumping Jacksons are masters of platforming who will jump, climb, slide their way to their goals. Siblings Mark and Laura Jackson are quick to act and utilize their surroundings to overcome obstacles. 

Mark                  Laura


Mark accelerates fast and falls faster the Laura, but has much tighter controls.

Laura accelerates slower and falls slower than Mark. She tends to have less friction than her brother, causing her to slide. (Recommended for players who are adjusting to the pace of the game.)

You can change characters using the Character Change Door.


Use masks to turn yourself into a Halloween monster!

Frankenstein's Mask grants the strength to push crates.

Wolfman's Mask hastens your pace and has the ability to bring down walls of bone.

Dracula's Mask enables you to turn into a bat that can float in the air longer than any other form.

Collectable Coins

Collectable Coins are found in all non-boss stages. If you collect enough of them, maybe something good will happen. (hint hint)

Candy Skulls

The more candy you have by the end of your adventure will determine how your adventure will conclude. These candy skulls, 13 in all, will contribute greatly towards your candy stash. You can find these skulls hidden in certain levels, denoted by the skull over the door frame of their stage. The chests that hold these skulls are located in treasure rooms, protected by lock and key. Find the key and bring it to the treasure room to unlock the way; Just don't get hurt along the way.


You can move left and right using A and D respectively, as well as left and right arrow keys.

Jump using the Space Bar.

Use doorways and Climb Ladders with the W or Up arrow key.

Open Chests, Make Purchases, and Exit Stages with the S or Down arrow key.

Use Escape or Backspace to reach the Pause Menu. (Backspace recommended while playing the browser version)

Toggle between fullscreen mode with F11 on the Windows version and F10 on the Browser version.

How to play

There are 2 versions of the game at the moment, the browser version and the windows version. 

Unfortunately, the browser version doesn't seem to get along with Itch.io but you can still play it at newbenland.com. (note that the website is still under construction, but you'll be able to play the demo there. Browser Version 

You can also download the Windows version by pressing 'Download Now' at the top or bottom of the page. 

Donations are not necessary, but appreciated; There is an option to say 'no thanks take me to downloads'. 

Once at the download page, you'll find Jumping Jacksons: The Halloween Carnival - Demo with a download button to the left of it, click download. 

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